Re-Org & Dems Election Meeting

When: February 10th, 6pm

Where: Zoom (Link below)

Colorado’s Democratic parties are required to go through re-organization every odd-numbered year. Elections are held for the party officials (the board), precinct/district captains, district, and state leadership positions. 

Elections for Summit Democrats Leadership: An Overview

  • Read the Party rules for Re-organization
  • Fill out the interest form to let us know you’re planning on running for a position.
  • Floor nominations WILL be accepted
  • Attend the February 10th Zoom Re-Org meeting at 6pm (link at top of page)
  • If a position is contested (multiple people interested), only the Central Committee will have a vote

Board/County Party Officers Roles & Responsibilities

  • The Chair serves as the Executie Officer of the Party and represents the Party officially, presides over meetings, coordinates activities with advice of Executive Committee, executes agreements and fund disbursements, recruits election judges, creates and appoints committees. See rules for full description
  • Vice Chairs act as liason between Districts and Executive Committees, assists Chair in their duties, presides at meetings in absence of Chair, etc
  • The Secretary is responsible for mintues at Executive and Central Committee meetings, maintain standing committee minutes, distributes party communications, keeps up to date records. See rules for full descriptions
  • The Treasurer serves as the CFO of the Party, collects and safeguards all funds, maintains all financial records, prepares monthly statements for committees including donor records, prepares all reports required by law, prepare a proposed budget, etc. See rules for full description.

District Captain Roles & Responsibilities

  • Recruite and organize workers and precinct committee people (organizers, also known as PCP’s) within their respective district
  • Conduct fundraising and canvasses
  • Hold meetings of committee members
  • Click here for more information on roles of Precinct Committee Members/PCP/Organizers
  • See rules for full description; see precinct maps for your location (captains must live in their precincts)

Precinct Maps

Summit Dems Re-Organization Event February 10th at 6pm

Our first meeting of the 2021 year, Summit Democrats will hold a virtual meeting via Zoom.

This will include adoption of party rules and the required election for officers and other positions.

Central Committee members will be taking floor nominations, but we ask that interested parties fill out the interest form below if they’d like to run for a position.

Click below to fill out this form by January 31st.

Upper Blue River & Copper Mtn Precinct Map

Summit County Voting Map District 1

Snake River & Ten Mile Precinct Map

Summit County, Colorado Voting District 2 Map

Lower Blue River Precinct Map

Summit County, Colorado District 3 Voting Map