The Summit Democrats will hold their Caucus & Assembly on March 5th, 2022 from 2pm-5pm at Summit High School.

Learn more about the process and how you can participate. Questions? Click here.


  • Held at Summit High School (click for a map)
  • Family-friendly: Supervised activities for children will be provided
  • Hear from candidates for the June 28th Democratic Primary
  • Volunteer names for Election Judge
  • Remarks by Elected officials and Candidates
  • Authorize all caucus participants to be delegates to the assembly
  • Elect 2 Precinct Organizers per Precinct (28 total)

summit dems assembly

  • Designate Summit County candidates to qualify for the June 28th Democratic Primary (list of candidates below)
  • US Senate preference poll
  • Selection of 28 delegates to go to State Assembly (delegates must receive 15% of vote), being held virtually
  • Vote on platform resolutions (scroll down for more info)
  • Vote to accept Precinct Organizers
  • Establish Vacancy Committee

How to attend and participate

  • Registration opens at 1pm at Summit High School
  • You must be a registered Democrat in Summit County as of February 11th

County Democratic candidates

THIS LIST SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Not all candidates will participate in the Caucus and Assembly process.

  • Commissioner, District 1: Elisabeth Lawrence (Incumbent)
  • Sheriff: Jaime FitzSimons (Incumbent)
  • Clerk & Recorder: Stacey Nell
  • Treasurer: Ryne Scholl (Incumbent) and Kathy Neel
  • Assessor: Frank Celico (Incumbent) and Lisa Eurich
  • Coroner: Regan Wood (Incumbent) and Amber Flenniken
  • Surveyor: Richard Ferris

US Senate Preference Poll

US Senate preference poll will be done during the March 5tgh county assembly via a paper ballot for assigning 28 delegates to go on to State Assembly

  • The two U S Senate candidates are Michael Bennet and Karen Breslin
  • The 28 delegates assigned to State Assembly will be apportioned based on the number of votes received on a paper ballot.
  • No delegates will be assigned to candidates receiving less than 15% of the vote
  • The same 28 delegates will be sent to the three virtual assemblies (House District 13, Senate District 8, US Congress District 2)

Virtual Assemblies

To simplify the process for other assemblies, we will send the same 28 State Assembly delegates to the three other assemblies (A proxy may be sent in the event a delegate cannot attend).

  • State House District 13-Julie McCluskie virtual assembly Thurs. April 7th 6-8 PM
  • State Senate District 8-Dylan Roberts virtual assembly Wed. April 7th 6-8 PM
  • US Congress Joe Neguse virtual assembly Tuesday April 5th 6-8 PM

Party Platform & how to participate

The Colorado Democratic Party platform is an important part of the caucus and aseembly process and we want to hear from you!

  • Read the party platform draft (click below)
  • If you have ideas or edits, we want to hear from you!
  • Email your ideas to us, including your name and physical address, and your suggestions will be considered at the caucus on the 5th, to be voted on for submission to the state party.
  • Please note: Deadline to submit is no later than February 28th.