March 9 is an important day for Summit County Democrats! Join us! 



WHEN: Saturday, March 9th, 2:00 PM (check in starts at 1:00 PM)

WHERE: The Summit County Dems will hold caucus in person at the Summit County Community and Senior Center, 83 Nancy’s Place, Frisco, Colorado.



  • We’ll elect two precinct organizers per precinct. See below to learn about being a precinct organizer.
  • We’ll recruit people to be election judges in this critical election year. Click here to learn about being an election judge.
  • All eligible voters (registered Dems in their precincts by Feb.16th) can be delegates to the county assembly simply by staying at caucus until conclusion of caucus (must attend caucus and remain to the end in order to be a delegate to assembly – no alternates or proxies allowed).

WHY ATTEND: If you want to help candidates for HD13, JD5, CD2, and CU Regent-at-Large get on the primary ballot, you must attend caucus to be a delegate to county assembly, where you can be elected as a delegate for these candidates. AND, if you want to go to state assembly and convention, you must attend caucus.

summit dems assembly


WHEN: Saturday, March 9th, 2024.  County Assembly will follow within 15 minutes of the conclusion of caucus.
WHERE: Summit County Community and Senior Center.

WHAT GETS DONE AT COUNTY ASSEMBLY: Aside from some technical things that must get done, we’ll do the following: 

  • Certify the newly elected precinct organizers.
  • Vote on county candidates to be on the primary ballot.
  • Conduct preference poll where delegates vote for their preferred candidate for CU Regent At-Large (candidates must receive at least 15% of the votes to earn delegates from Summit County to higher assemblies).
  • Select delegates to higher-level assemblies for candidates that reach the threshold and qualify. (The state party determines the number of delegates for each office that we are allotted through the use of a proportional formula based on the number of Democratic voters in our county.) Summit County is allocated 14 delegates to the State Assembly and Convention; 14 delegates to CD2; 14 delegates to JD5; and 10 delegates to HD10.

How to attend and participate

  • Registration opens at 1pm at the Summit County Community and Senior Center, 83 Nancy’s Place, Frisco, Colorado.
  • You must be a registered Democrat in Summit County as of February 16th

County Democratic candidates

THIS LIST SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Not all candidates will participate in the Caucus and Assembly process.

  • Commissioner,  District 1:  Eric Mamula

  • Commissioner,  District 2:  Tamara Pogue

  • Commissioner,  District 3:  Nina Waters

  • Clerk & Recorder:  Taryn Power


WHEN: March 9th, convened during county assembly.

WHERE: Summit County Community and Senior Center.

WHAT GETS DONE AT COUNTY CONVENTION: This is a relatively short meeting during which we elect delegates to the state convention. At the state convention, delegates will be elected to the Democratic National Convention and the Democratic National Committee. To learn how to run to be a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, click here. It’s estimated that the cost to attend the National Convention in Chicago, August 19-22, will be from $3,300 to $5,000 for 5 nights lodging, airfare, meals, on the ground transportation, and miscellaneous.

Party Platform & how to participate

The Colorado Democratic Party platform is an important part of the caucus and aseembly process and we want to hear from you!

  • Read the party platform draft (click below)
  • If you have ideas or edits, we want to hear from you!
  • Email your ideas to us, including your name and physical address, and your suggestions will be considered at the caucus on the 5th, to be voted on for submission to the state party.
  • Please note: Deadline to submit is no later than February 28th.