Dear Democrats:

Thank you to all who participated in the virtual assembly on March 25th.  A special thank you to Josh Blanchard, Pam Bradley, Ryne Scholl, Emily Tracy and Dave Rossi for the many hours they spent getting ready for and conducting the assembly. Congratulations to Elisabeth Lawrence, Josh Blanchard, Julie Sutor and Tamara Pogue for each getting over 30% of the votes from delegates and receiving certification from the assembly for the June 30th primary.

Now that we have a primary election in District 2 between Julie Sutor and Tamara Pogue, I want to remind everyone that a primary can be a positive experience so long as it is conducted professionally and with respect.

In the words of our beloved former first lady, as Democrats “…..we go high”. I am confident that this will be the mantra for Democrats in Summit County as we lead up to the June 30th primary. Good luck to all candidates and may we win in November.

In solidarity,

Patti McLaughlin, chair