Permanent Organization Report

Rules for the 2020 Summit County Democratic Assembly and Convention:

The Summit County Democratic Assembly and Convention will conduct the meeting on March 25th at 6:00 PM via GotoWebinar and use Survey Monkey to document votes.

Delegates who are not able to log on to the GoToWebinar platform will not be able to participate other than as a listener. They will have no vote. Please plan to have INTERNET access via your computer or device. You will need to DOWNLOAD GoToMeeting software in order to participate and vote. Please test your system in advance and get familiar with the system prior to the meeting here.

The Summit County Assembly shall be open regardless of race, sex, color, creed, national origin, religion ethnic identity, sexual orientations, economic status or physical disability. Every effort will be made to have an equal distribution between men and women elected to the State Multi-County Assemblies and the State Convention.

There will be no proxy voting.

Nominations will be allowed from the floor for County Commissioners.  A 90 second nomination speech and second through the chat process will be allowed.  The person nominated from the floor will be allowed to speak for two minutes.  The County Commissioner candidate for the same district as the floor nomination will then be allowed to speak for two minutes.

Quorums will be suspended due to the circumstances of COVID-19.  As a result of the suspension of a quorum, the 15% threshold for viability to allocate delegates for U. S. Senate will be based on the number of delegates on the virtual assembly call. The 30% necessary for County Commissioner will also be based on the number of delegates present at the virtual assembly.

There will be a report of the platform committee and a vote on each of the proposed resolutions that were voted on during caucus. A vote will be taken on each resolution on whether to approve and send on to the State Platform committee.  Discussion on each proposal will be limited to two minutes.  The report of the platform committee and votes on resolutions to be submitted to the State Platform Committee is an important part of the business of the Assembly. All delegates are encouraged to read the report prior to the virtual assembly and be prepared to vote on the resolutions. The results of approved platform resolutions will be sent to the State Platform Committee.

Participation in the Summit County Assembly is reserved for candidates going through the assembly/convention process.

Candidates for County Commissioner were asked to submit a 300 word or less nominating email and their 3-minute video to David Rossi by noon on March 22nd. These items are part of the information included on the Summit Dems website  and need to be reviewed online prior to the Assembly.  A second to the nomination will take place in the virtual assembly.

Candidates for U.S. Senate, U. S House of Representatives, State Senate District 8, State House District 61, CD2 CU Regent, Judicial District 5 were all given an opportunity to submit a 2-minute video that is included on the Summit Dems Website. The State Party gave U S. Senate candidates an opportunity to submit a 5-minute video which are also included on our website.

Summit County has 28 delegates allotted to the Multi-County and State Assemblies and Conventions. These assemblies and conventions will also be conducted via GotoWebinar and Survey Monkey. Currently, the Multi-County Assemblies for HD61, SD8, JD5 are scheduled for April 17th. The Congressional Assembly for Joe Neguse and the CU Regents is currently being scheduled. The State Assembly and Convention is currently scheduled for April 18th. Following preference polls for U. S. Senate, delegates will be allocated using a math worksheet similar to the one used at caucus. The 28 Summit County Delegates will be selected proportionally based on the U S Senate preference poll and who has a desire to become a delegate for each candidate who meets the 15% threshold.

The CD2 Congressional Assembly will nominate the candidates for Member of Congress and CU Regent.

The Multi-County Assembly will nominate candidates for State House District 61, Judicial District 5, State Senate District 8.

The State Convention will nominate candidates for the primary ballot for U.S. Senate, vote on the platform, and designate delegates for the National Convention based on the results of the Presidential Preference Primary statewide.

The Congressional District 2 Convention will designate the delegates to the National Convention based on the results of the Presidential Preference Primary in Congressional District 2.

The Secretary of the Assembly will submit notarized county commissioner candidate forms to the Secretary  of State within  ten days following the adjournment of the Summit County Assembly. Copies of the forms can be faxed with the originals to follow. Information will be entered into VAN within 72 hours. Information to be included:

  • Delegates to the Congressional Assembly and Convention
  • Delegates to the State Assembly and Convention
  • Members of the State Permanent Organization Committee and State Credentials Committee
  • Delegates to the multi-county Assemblies
  • Certified PCPs
  • Delegates representing the presidential candidates at the CD2 and State Conventions.

Designation and Acceptance of Nomination for County Commissioner for District 1, District 2, and District 3 to be signed by each candidate, notarized and submitted to Kathy Neel, Clerk and Recorder of Summit County.

The Assembly will also elect:

  • One member for State Permanent Organization Committee, one member for State Credentials Committee, one member for Congressional District 2 Permanent Organization Committee, and one member for Congressional District 2 Credentials Committee.  These may be two or more different people. 
  • Ratify the Precinct Committee People elected at caucus March 7th.
  • Establish a committee to fill vacancies for candidates selected at the County Assembly. It is suggested that this be the Central Committee (elected officers of the party, elected state and local officials who reside in the county, PCPs and District Captains)

Submitted by Patricia McLaughlin, Chair, Summit County Democrats and Chair of the Permanent Organization Committee

If you have any questions, please reach out to Patti McLaughlin, party chair by email here.