Summit County Democratic Platform

Resolutions Unanimously passed Precinct 12

  1. Wolves issue is on the ballot, and. is potentially divisive and thus Democrats should not take a position. (Discuss with unanimously passed wolves resolution later in the document)
  2. Remove barriers to voting for Indigenous/native people.
  3. Remove physical address requirement from voter registration.
  4. People live in cars. People are migratory.
  5. No sales tax on feminine products, nor condoms.
  6. Explore the raising the Social Security tax cap, or eliminating it altogether.
  7. All political ads must be vetted for truth, if not truthful they can not run. Establish legal consequences for running false ads.
  8. Establish legal strict basis of recall of duly elected officials.
  9. Overturn Citizens United

Precinct 7

  1. To reaffirm the existing platform plank for ranked choice voting and to use ranked choice voting for internal party processes and local, state, and national elections.
  2. To introduce a statewide ban on fracking

Passed Unanimously by Precincts 1, 5, 11, 15, 19, Sponsored by Colorado Sierra Club


“We support the restoration, protection and management as a non-game species, of the Gray Wolf by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, on designated public lands west of the Continental Divide, by the end of 2023.”

The following planks of the Colorado Democratic Platform support this resolution:

  1. We support full funding to more strongly enforce the Threatened and Endangered Species programs.
  2. We support the protection of natural habitats and intact ecosystems through science-based management of public lands that promotes the optimal balance between human use and the natural   world, with special attention paid to protection of threatened and endangered species.
  3. We support fully funding strengthened enforcement of the Threatened and Endangered Species Act.
  4. We support the restriction of shooting in National Forests and Parks.

Precinct 8

  1. Fund Magnetic Levitation (AGS) system on I-70 mountain corridor